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Introducing zipTMS™

The newest addition to the zipLogix® family is a full suite of transaction management solutions directly integrated with zipForm® PluszipLogix Digital Ink®, and zipForm® MobilezipTMS™ is convenient, easy to use, and available with forms and signatures or as a stand-alone system for online real estate transactions.

zipTMS™ is the next generation for online storage, office communication, task management, and risk reduction. From calendars to track every deadline to forms collaboration, zipTMS™ allows agents, teams, and brokerages to manage every aspect of the real estate transaction.

Formerly known as relay®, zipTMS™ features include:

  • Built in integration with existing zipForm Plus files and features
  • Organized document and file management
  • Full calendar and checklist tracking for all transactions
  • Automatically applied templates
  • Deadlines for tasks and documents with in-app and email notification options
  • Placeholder documents for easy and painless transaction organization
  • Easy collaboration with all transaction parties
  • Complete history and notes for risk reduction
  • Broker, Transaction Coordinator, Office Manger, Team, and Agent accounts
  • …and much more!

Learn more with these training and information resources:


Friday F.A.Q. – Changing the Display Order of Forms Libraries

Step-by-Step instructions for changing the order of forms libraries.

Use the Organize option under Libraries in your zipForm® Plus profile to arrange forms libraries.

Q: I have more than one set of forms from my association, so I always have to use the “Select Library” button to change to the library I use the most. Is there any way to change my primary (default) library on the All Forms tab?

A: Yes! You can change the order of libraries, including selecting which forms library will be displayed by default, through your zipForm® Plus Profile. 

The Libraries option under the zipForm® Plus profile allows you to set up a preferred order for your forms libraries if you are in a personal zipForm® Plus account. In a team or brokerage account, the Admin can set the preferred order, and set up which forms are available within the libraries. The first library on the list is your default library – it is the set of forms that you will see when you open the All Forms tab inside of a transaction file or template.

To change the order of zipForm® forms libraries:

  1. Open your zipForm® Plus Profile
  2. Click Libraries
  3. Click the Organize button
  4. Drag and drop the libraries to your preferred order
  5. Save your changes and Close the profile view

These changes will be remembered until you edit your library order again.

Tuesday Tip: Using the zipForm Plus Team Edition to Work Together

Teams benefit when everyone can quickly stay updated on transaction process in fast-moving real estate sales. With the zipForm Plus Team Edition, available within single and brokerage accounts, users can quickly and easily team up to close deals.

The team edition allows team members to view and search transactions created by other team members. Team edition users can quickly create a set of forms on behalf of another user, or update form text for another team member. Teams can move seamlessly from listing to close while always staying informed. The history tab in the file keeps a record of team participant actions within the file, reducing file risk and keeping every team member up to date on the transaction updates made by each user.

Learn more in this quick training video:

Visit for more information or to order the team edition for your account.

Friday F.A.Q. – Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Select that PDFs should Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox) to ensure that you can Print forms

Q: I have a user who is trying to print using the Print button in zipForm Plus, and it does not seem to be working. I can print the same documents fine from my computer. What happened?

A: Printing issues are rare, but certain security settings or PDF settings may be causing difficulty printing the forms. This is known to happen in Internet Explorer or Firefox. 

Troubleshooting Printing in Internet Explorer

Troubleshooting Printing in Firefox


Tuesday Tip: Reduce risk and track file progress with the history tab in zipForm Plus

Important events are tracked in the history, including messages sent, edits to forms in zipLogix Community, and eSign signature events.

Important events are tracked in the history, including messages sent, edits to forms in zipLogix Community, and eSign signature events.

The History Tab inside of a zipForm Plus transaction provides an automatic log of important events during the real estate transaction. This log can be easily searched using the “Enter Keywords” search box, or sorted by date, action, or user using the “Sort” button.

History events contain a brief summary, and will include a link to more information when additional information might be available.

zipForm Plus automatically tracks the following history events:

  • Edits made to forms by clients and other participants that the agent invited to participate in the zipLogix Community using the “Collaborate” button in zipForm Plus
    • The complete record of edits made at that time can be viewed or printed using the “View Changes” link
  • Activities and status in the eSign process, including
    • Documents were sent for signatures
    • Signing activities
    • Completed signed documents
    • The current status of documents can be viewed using the “Check Status” link next to the History entry
  • Transaction and document approval actions
    • Tracks any change in approval status by agents or office and brokerage admins
  • Emails and faxes sent from zipForm Plus
    • Click “Show More” to see the contents of a specific message
  • Updates to the transaction
    • Applied templates
    • Added or removed forms and documents
    • Updates to the Transaction Details.

These history events help agents keep track of everything, automatically. Explore the history tab in your transactions today.

Tuesday Tip – Recover a deleted transaction on zipForm Plus

Select “All” under the TRANSACTIONS search to find all transactions, including those deleted in the past six days.

It is easy to manage transactions in zipForm Plus. Files can be saved, exported, imported, marked as Closed or Inactive, or they can be deleted from the system. The system also has a safeguard, just in case transactions were deleted accidentally!

If you wish to recover a deleted Transaction, you will need to search your Transactions on the TRANSACTIONS page by the All status. Transactions are available for up to 6 days after they are deleted.

Note: If you deleted the Transaction more than 6 days ago, the Transaction is not recoverable.

Learn more, and view step by step instructions on our Knowledge base guide: Recovering Deleted Transactions.

zipForm Plus Enhancements – February 2015

Profile and Collaboration Updates

Many of you have asked if it could be easier to update the profile, agent photo, and property information. The new zipForm® Plus Profile page provides clearer access for agents to view their profile, with a button to change the profile picture available at any time within the program by clicking the agent’s name or profile photo.

In addition to updating the menu that allows access to the zipForm® Plus profile, the new profile provides clearer access to the “My Company Information” which affects the footer on the future forms completed using this account.

These updates make it easier than ever for agents to personalize their zipForm Plus contracts.

zipLogix Community Updates

In order to add to the communication options available to participants collaborating using the zipLogix Community feature, a new option to “Contact Agent” has been added. Buyers, sellers, service providers, and others invited by the agent to view or edit selected forms and documents can click “Contact Agent” to send a note to the agent. The agent will be notified immediately through their zipForm® Notifications when comments are sent to them by a participant in their zipLogix Community.

To help with sharing forms for collaboration using the zipLogix Community feature, the “Collaborate” button has been exposed in a few new locations. You can now find the button as a shortcut located above PDFs stored in zipVault®, or within the menu on a contact in the Parties tab of a transaction.

Notifications Enhancements

To help users more easily navigate their notifications, a new sorting option has been added at the top of the notifications window. Users can sort by Approval, Transaction, Document, or Signature Notifications.

Although these are small changes which do not significantly affect the use of zipForm® Plus, we think that they will enhance the user experience and continue to help agents be more efficient and professional when working online with their clients.

Do you have an idea for improvements to zipLogix Products? Let us know!

Tuesday Tip: Update Company Information

The company and contact information that prints on the bottom of your forms can be customized from the “About Me” section of your zipForm® Plus profile.

If you are an agent who is part of a brokerage, you will be able to update the contact information under “My Information”. Your address information will be controlled by your broker or office manager.

If you are an agent with your own zipForm® Plus account, then you will also see the section for Address Information (you may need to scroll down to see it).

Edit the Address Information section on your Profile to adjust the company information that prints at the bottom of the page.

Hover your mouse over the displayed address information to select the menu on the right side and edit the  address information.

Our illustrated step-by-step instructions will walk you through how to change your address (Company Information) that prints on the bottom of your forms.

Or, watch our quick training video on how to change your Address Information:

Friday F.A.Q. – How do I access signed documents?

Q: I use zipLogix Digital Ink, and received a notice I can view the documents in zipForm Plus. Now that something has been signed, how do I access it?  

A: Completed contracts signed through zipLogix Digital Ink or DocuSign are available from a folder within your zipForm Plus account, if you have the zipVault feature in zipForm Plus.

The folder will appear automatically within your account once signed documents are completed, and you will receive a notification at the top of your screen. The signed documents are saved in secure, PDF format for your convenience, and can be sent or printed alongside your zipForm contracts. Click to open the folder and view the signed contracts at any time.

Friday F.A.Q. – Can a broker control the sharing of forms in zipLogix Community?

The General Information when adding or editing an agent (or office) contains the checkbox for allowing Collaborative Forms Editing

The General Information when adding or editing an agent (or office) contains the checkbox for allowing Collaborative Forms Editing

Q: The new features in zipLogix Community allow agents to invite others to edit forms for the transaction file. Can the brokerage admin or office admin control whether or not agents can turn on form editing?

A: Yes! If form editing through the zipLogix Community features is allowed for the agent’s form library (or libraries), then the broker admin and office admin in the zipForm Plus Broker Team Edition can allow “collaborative form editing” on a agent-by-agent or office-by-office basis.

The ability to edit forms is controlled within the general information when editing an office or an agent in the Admin panel on zipForm® Plus.

Check Allow Collaborative Form Editing in order to allow this agent (or all agents in this office, if editing an office) to share the ability to edit forms through the zipLogix Community feature using the Collaborate button.  Un-check the box in order to disable this ability.

Note: The Collaborative Form Editing ability is turned off by default for all offices and agents in zipForm® Plus Brokerage accounts.