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Friday F.A.Q. – How to review transactions in zipForm Plus as a broker or file reviewer

Use the menu on an agent's account to open their transactions in the Broker Team Edition.

Use the menu on an agent’s account to open their transactions in the Broker Team Edition.

Q: How does a broker in zipForm® Plus view and review an agent’s transactions in the account?

A:  Users with the Broker Team Edition of zipForm® Plus can use the Administration tools to review and manage the transactions for an agent within the office or brokerage. Broker and Office (location) Administrators in zipForm® Plus have access to the Administration tools.

How to review an agent’s transactions:

  1. Open the Agent List under Administration
  2. Mouseover the agent’s name, and click on the menu arrow to open the menu for the user
  3. From the user menu, click Transactions
  4. You will see the transactions for the user you selected.  Click on a transaction name to open that transaction.­­
  5. If you have transaction approval enabled on the account, the agent may have flagged transactions for review. Click on the transaction approval icon to change the transaction approval status. Download the Transaction Approval Help At a Glance PDF for more information about marking transactions and documents for approval.

Broker administrators and office administrators can review documents and transactions for their agents using the steps above. Users who have the zipForm® Plus Team Edition can review all transactions for all team members directly from the Transactions Page.

For additional resources, download the zipForm® Plus Broker Team Edition User Guide.

Friday F.A.Q. – Sending documents to zipForm® Plus (zipVault® users)

Use the transaction menu in zipForm Plus to select the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options and allow someone to email or fax documents to you easily and quickly.

Use the transaction menu in zipForm Plus to select the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options and allow someone to email or fax documents to you easily and quickly.

Q: Can my client email an attachment to my zipForm® file?

A: Yes! Anyone can email or fax documents directly to the transaction if you invite them to do so through the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options. These options are available for all zipVault® users, creating an easy way to get documents stored online alongside your transaction forms. Both options are available from the Transaction Menu button.

Email to Transaction: 

  1. Click the Transaction Menu arrow [ v ] 
  2. Click Email to Transaction
  3. Enter the email address of the person who will be emailing to your file in the To line
  4. Add a Subject and Message for the recipient (Tip: Instructions to reply to the email with attachments are included in the email body, but you may wish to personalize these with a message to the person you are emailing).
  5. Click Send
  6. The recipient of the email can reply to the email with attachments and those documents will be saved in zipVault® alongside your zipForm® Plus forms (Tip: You can also send yourself this email, and reply to it with attachments, as needed).

Forms Updates

One of the advantages to using zipForm® is having access to the most recent forms released by the brokerage or association, so that users can easily maintain compliance.

Tips for training users when forms update:

  • Teach zipForm® Standard users how to update or check for updates from the Tools tab. Users who are on zipForm® Standard (the desktop version)will be prompted to update when they open zipForm® Standard on their computer and are connected to the internet. Important form updates will begin downloading immediately so that the correct forms are used on transactions moving forward.
  • zipForm® Plus users automatically receive all forms update, no direct action is required for them. It is important to remember that users in zipForm® Plus will automatically have the new forms in all new transactions. To add an updated form to an existing transaction that is already using that form, first remove the form (you may wish to save the previously completed form as a PDF to archive a copy for transaction records – remember, users with zipVault® can archive PDFs directly to the transaction using the Save as PDF button), and then add the form again.
  • Use the All Forms tab to add forms to a template. Tip: the date that a form was most recently updated is usually found at the end of the form's name, so viewing forms in List View can be helpful when looking for forms updates.

    Use the All Forms tab to add forms to a template. Tip: the date that a form was most recently updated is usually found at the end of the form’s name, so viewing forms in List View can be helpful when looking for forms updates.

    When you apply a template to a transaction (or to another template), the most recent form(s) will always be applied to the transaction.

  • Forms in their original state are preserved and visible when you open the template.  Users are able to update templates with the most recent forms at their convenience, while still maintaining compliance by using the latest forms within active transactions.

If you know of a forms update coming to your area, you can schedule zipForm® Plus trainings for users. Topics might include:

  • Saving (archiving) forms as PDFs using the Save as PDF button
  • Updating Templates
  • Starting a new transaction with a template so that your forms are always up to date
  • Adding the most recent forms to the transaction

Do you have an trainings you like to conduct when changes occur to the forms?

Friday F.A.Q. – Copying Clauses

The Clauses button is located on the TRANSACTIONS page and on the TEMPLATES page

Click the Clauses button on the zipForm Plus Transactions page to open the Clause Manager, where you can import or export clauses to be used within form fields.

Q: I am helping another agent in my office, and would like her to have the same clauses I do. What is the best way to move my clauses to her?

A: There are two ways to share clauses: 

  1. Use a Broker or Team edition account in zipForm Plus in order to have the same clauses shared across an office, team, or brokerage (not to mention the added benefits of sharing transactions, approving documents and files online, involving assistants, and sharing templates!).
  2. Export your clauses and then import them to another account (this is the best method for an agent you are training but not necessarily working with as a team). Use the Clause Manager on the TRANSACTIONS page to import or export clauses as needed.

You can choose which clauses you are importing and exporting, as needed, which can also help you to provide the correct clause(s) to the correct user(s), as needed. Of course, when providing clauses to others it is always important to ensure the clauses are appropriate and legally sound, since clause text can vary between regions. Agents using clauses are advised to have their broker and/or real estate lawyer review any clause text before it is used within a contract.

Friday F.A.Q. – Working on forms offline

Q: How can I fill out my forms if I don’t have access to the internet for my laptop?

A: Use zipForm® Standard to complete forms on your computer when you do not have an internet connection. Since zipForm® Standard is a program that you download to your computer, an internet connection is not required for using zipForm® Standard. When you first get started using zipForm® Standard, all of  your forms are downloaded (and your existing zipForm® Plus Transactions if you enter your zipForm® Plus username and password). Once the installation is complete, you will be able to work with or without an internet connection.

Your zipForm® Standard files can also be set to synchronize automatically with zipForm® Plus when you do have an internet connection. This creates an automatic backup and ensures you can access your files from any computer (or phone or tablet, if you have the zipForm® Mobile Web Edition).

You can download zipForm® Standard to any laptop or desktop computer. Order or download zipForm® Standard at

Watch our quick training to learn about installing and using zipForm® Standard for the first time.

File and Document Approval

Click to change approval status for a form, PDF, document, or transaction. Enter comments (saved in the history) and click save.

Click to change approval status for a form, PDF, document, or transaction. Enter comments (saved in the history) and click Apply.

In need of a quick and secure file review option that can be implemented in minutes for an entire brokerage?

The zipForm Plus Broker Team account offers brokers and office administrators the ability to easily and quickly store, manage, or review transactions and teams through zipForm® Plus.

One of the top features in the broker accounts is the ability to use paperless transaction or document review and approval with automatic history and notifications. Agents, brokers, and administrators can easily keep track of file progress, make comments, and submit files for approval (or review and approve files) all within zipForm® Plus.

Our help at a glance and quick training on file and document approval can help streamline the document and file approval process in any brokerage, office, or team.

Help at a Glance: Broker Team Document Approval

Quick Training (3 minutes) on how to mark documents and files for approval:


Friday F.A.Q. – How do I send forms to be completed by the client (buyer or seller)

Signers can safely and securely complete form fields during the signing process.

A digitally signed disclosure showing text and check boxes completed by Seller One.

Q: My association has added the ability for clients to complete certain disclosures and other forms which must be completed by the seller, but when I open the form in zipForm®, save it as a PDF, or email it to a client using the email or send buttons, I cannot fill out the form. How do I send the form so that my client can complete it?

A: Some forms (or sections of forms) which need to be completed by the buyer, seller, or other parties in the transaction. Many brokerages are offering (or preparing to offer) forms which are pre-marked by zipForm® for the appropriate client to complete using the eSign tool of your choice (either zipLogix Digital Ink® or DocuSign®, depending on your eSign preferences in your zipForm® profile), or you can add your own text boxes or check boxes for the client to complete in step three of the eSign preparation.

To send forms so that a buyer, seller, or other transaction party can complete text fields and check boxes on the form, send the form for signing using the eSign button in zipForm®. This will take the  form from zipForm® and put it into a new packet or envelope in zipLogix Digital Ink® or DocuSign®. The feature uses the eSign process so that clients can sign or initial for the text fields and checkboxes that they have completed in the form. As the agent, you can review the areas which will prompt them to complete the form or add their signature or initials before sending. Click and drag to add additional fields for the signer to type text, check off check boxes, or click to sign or initial.

In some cases, if these forms cannot be completed by the agent (due to laws or other state or local regulations), you might also notice that the fields in zipForm® have been disabled. This is for your legal protection, and ensures that only the client (or other required party) is the one who is filling out information on the form. You will see these fields and checkboxes activated when you send the form using the eSign button when you reach Step 3: Add Signatures.

Providing sellers, buyers, or other signing parties with the ability to complete text fields and check boxes in a form using the eSign feature can be a great tool to help you move forward with paperless (or just less paper!) transactions while reducing your risk (because each signer’s actions are tracked and verifiable on the form) and saving time (because documents can be sent instantly and continue automatically between signers).

Watch our ten minute training on sending forms for other parties to complete:

Download a help at a glance guide to help your clients understand completing forms using the eSign feature (Page 1) and help you remember the steps to sending out the forms (Page 2):

Sending forms for other parties to complete



New Training – Creating and Using Templates

A new zipForm® Plus training is available to help agents create and use templates (saved packets of forms and documents) in zipForm® Plus.

This training will teach you how to create a packet of forms and documents that can be used to start your files in zipForm® Plus with required forms and documents*.

Are there any training videos that you are anxious to see? Let us know in your comments  here or on the zipLogix YouTube channel.

* Adding documents requires the zipVault® feature in zipForm® Plus.

New Guided Help Feature in zipForm® Plus

The zipForm® Plus Guided Help Tab expands when you click the gray (?) icon. Click on a topic to view the guided help.

The zipForm® Plus Guided Help Tab expands when you click the gray (?) icon. Click on a topic to view the guided step-by-step instructions.

The new zipForm® Plus Guided Help feature, walks users through the steps and help users to get started using zipForm® Plus or zipLogix Digital Ink®. The Guided Help can be used to reinforce or refresh your training. The Help-at-a-Glance guides (easily available from your Certified Trainer Resources page) can be used as a print version of the Guided Help.

To walk through a Guided Help subject, click the gray question mark tab on the right of your screen, and select the Guided Help topic. Topics will changed based upon the screen that is open in zipForm® Plus You can select whether the guided help is available at any time by editing your Settings in your zipForm® Plus Profile. Check Disable Guided Help and click Save to hide the guided help feature.

The first Guided Help topics are:

  • How to create transactions
  • How to use the Forms button
  • How to use the profile
  • How to use zipVault®
  • How to use zipLogix Digital Ink® (3 parts)
  • How to check zipLogix Digital Ink® status
  • How to work on the forms

Future topics will include how to create a forms template and how to add contacts. Are there any topics you would like to see for future Guided Help subjects? Leave a comment to let us know!

Friday F.A.Q. – Selecting individual pages when sending forms

Select individual zipForm pages to send, print, or download

Use the arrow on a form to select specific form pages instead of the whole form.

Q: When I am in zipForm® Plus, how do I send just one page of a form that has more than one page?

A: Select individual pages by clicking the blue down arrow ▼ located in the bottom right corner of the form (in icon view) or to the right of the form name (in list view) when sending. Whether selecting forms for sending, printing, faxing, esigning, or saving as a PDF, use to select specific pages when necessary. Click once on the arrow, click the pages you wish to select, and continue adding forms or contracts as needed before clicking send, print, or continue.

When selecting individual pages instead of the whole form, the form will be displayed on the list of forms to be attached, printed, downloaded, or sent for signatures with the form name and the page(s) listed in parentheses beside the form name, for easy reference. To un-select the form and all pages, click the gray [ - ] located at the top right of the form (in icon view) or to the left of the form name (in list view).