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Tuesday Tip: Update Company Information

The company and contact information that prints on the bottom of your forms can be customized from the “About Me” section of your zipForm® Plus profile.

If you are an agent who is part of a brokerage, you will be able to update the contact information under “My Information”. Your address information will be controlled by your broker or office manager.

If you are an agent with your own zipForm® Plus account, then you will also see the section for Address Information (you may need to scroll down to see it).

Edit the Address Information section on your Profile to adjust the company information that prints at the bottom of the page.

Hover your mouse over the displayed address information to select the menu on the right side and edit the  address information.

Our illustrated step-by-step instructions will walk you through how to change your address (Company Information) that prints on the bottom of your forms.

Or, watch our quick training video on how to change your Address Information:

Friday F.A.Q. – How do I access signed documents?

Q: I use zipLogix Digital Ink, and received a notice I can view the documents in zipForm Plus. Now that something has been signed, how do I access it?  

A: Completed contracts signed through zipLogix Digital Ink or DocuSign are available from a folder within your zipForm Plus account, if you have the zipVault feature in zipForm Plus.

The folder will appear automatically within your account once signed documents are completed, and you will receive a notification at the top of your screen. The signed documents are saved in secure, PDF format for your convenience, and can be sent or printed alongside your zipForm contracts. Click to open the folder and view the signed contracts at any time.

Friday F.A.Q. – Can a broker control the sharing of forms in zipLogix Community?

The General Information when adding or editing an agent (or office) contains the checkbox for allowing Collaborative Forms Editing

The General Information when adding or editing an agent (or office) contains the checkbox for allowing Collaborative Forms Editing

Q: The new features in zipLogix Community allow agents to invite others to edit forms for the transaction file. Can the brokerage admin or office admin control whether or not agents can turn on form editing?

A: Yes! If form editing through the zipLogix Community features is allowed for the agent’s form library (or libraries), then the broker admin and office admin in the zipForm Plus Broker Team Edition can allow “collaborative form editing” on a agent-by-agent or office-by-office basis.

The ability to edit forms is controlled within the general information when editing an office or an agent in the Admin panel on zipForm® Plus.

Check Allow Collaborative Form Editing in order to allow this agent (or all agents in this office, if editing an office) to share the ability to edit forms through the zipLogix Community feature using the Collaborate button.  Un-check the box in order to disable this ability.

Note: The Collaborative Form Editing ability is turned off by default for all offices and agents in zipForm® Plus Brokerage accounts. 

New Features! zipLogix Community and zipForm Plus Notifications

The zipLogix Community release establishes collaborative functionality for zipForm® Plus users. Easily bringing clients and agents together online to complete entire transactions online.

  • Frequently Asked Questions for zipLogix Community:
    1. Q: Can anyone be invited to collaborate on shared forms in zipLogix Community?
      A: Yes, an email address is all that is needed in order for someone else to collaborate on forms with the agent. The agent can enable collaboration on available forms for one participant at a time.
    2. Q: Can zipLogix Community participants print or email the forms without the agent?
      A: No, the agent is always in control of sharing, printing, and sending forms for eSignatures.
    3. Q: Can someone invited to the zipLogix Community add or remove a form in the transaction?
      A: The zipForm® agents are always in control of the contracts within their transactions. A person invited to view documents using zipLogix Community will only have access to the forms that the agent explicitly shares with that person.
    4. Q: Agents in certain areas have the ability to share forms editing turned off in order to maintain compliance with local real estate regulations. Does this mean they do not get the zipLogix Community feature?
      A: No, these agents will still have the zipLogix Community features, but will not be able to share editable forms of those libraries. They will still have the ability to share non-editable versions of the forms with clients and others.
    5. Q: Does a user need zipVault® in order to use zipLogix Community sharing features?
      A: No, all users can share forms (editable or non-editable) through the zipLogix Community features. Users with zipVault® have the added benefit of the ability to share other documents (PDFs, Word Documents, etc) as well.
    6. Q: What fields or parts of the form can be edited when form editing is enabled using zipLogix Community?
      A: All form fields are available for editing when a form is enabled the zipLogix Community feature, and the ability to add notes or highlighting is also available. For forms which allow use of the strikeout button to line out boilerplate text, the strikeout feature is also available.
    7. Q: What if a zipLogix Community participant (for instance, a client) forgets their password?
      A: A zipLogix Community participant can reset their username or password from their sign in page at
  • Frequently Asked Questions for zipForm® Notifications:
    1. Q: Will all users see zipForm® Notifications, or only brokerage users?
      A: This feature is available for all users. Single (agent) users will see notifications when signing is completed through zipLogix Digital Ink® or DocuSign®.
    2. Q: How does a user know a new notification is available in real time?
      A: The notification icon shakes, and the number of new unread notifications (contained within the red box) appears or increases.


Friday F.A.Q. – How do I export contacts to CSV in order to import them to zipForm® Plus?

Q: When I open my Contacts tab in zipForm® Plus, there is a button to click to “Import”. When I click this button to import contacts from another location, it asks for a CSV file. What is this and how do I get it?

zipForm Import Button

Import Button in zipForm Plus

A: A CSV file is a “comma separated values” file. When opened, it looks like a spreadsheet, or like a list of information separated by commas. Contacts from email programs, contact management systems, and excel spreadsheets can be saved or exported in CSV format in order to import them into your zipForm® Plus CONTACTS.

The steps for exporting to a CSV file are different for different email or contact management systems, but can be easily found in the support or help files for your email or address book by searching for “Export” or “Export to CSV”. Here are a list of the most common contact systems, with links to instructions on how to download the contacts as a CSV file. Many of these will also allow you to import contacts as a CSV file.

Do you have any other contact systems that you would like to import or export to? Let us know in the comments!


Friday F.A.Q. – How to review transactions in zipForm Plus as a broker or file reviewer

Use the menu on an agent's account to open their transactions in the Broker Team Edition.

Use the menu on an agent’s account to open their transactions in the Broker Team Edition.

Q: How does a broker in zipForm® Plus view and review an agent’s transactions in the account?

A:  Users with the Broker Team Edition of zipForm® Plus can use the Administration tools to review and manage the transactions for an agent within the office or brokerage. Broker and Office (location) Administrators in zipForm® Plus have access to the Administration tools.

How to review an agent’s transactions:

  1. Open the Agent List under Administration
  2. Mouseover the agent’s name, and click on the menu arrow to open the menu for the user
  3. From the user menu, click Transactions
  4. You will see the transactions for the user you selected.  Click on a transaction name to open that transaction.­­
  5. If you have transaction approval enabled on the account, the agent may have flagged transactions for review. Click on the transaction approval icon to change the transaction approval status. Download the Transaction Approval Help At a Glance PDF for more information about marking transactions and documents for approval.

Broker administrators and office administrators can review documents and transactions for their agents using the steps above. Users who have the zipForm® Plus Team Edition can review all transactions for all team members directly from the Transactions Page.

For additional resources, download the zipForm® Plus Broker Team Edition User Guide.

Friday F.A.Q. – Sending documents to zipForm® Plus (zipVault® users)

Use the transaction menu in zipForm Plus to select the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options and allow someone to email or fax documents to you easily and quickly.

Use the transaction menu in zipForm Plus to select the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options and allow someone to email or fax documents to you easily and quickly.

Q: Can my client email an attachment to my zipForm® file?

A: Yes! Anyone can email or fax documents directly to the transaction if you invite them to do so through the Email to Transaction or Fax Coversheet options. These options are available for all zipVault® users, creating an easy way to get documents stored online alongside your transaction forms. Both options are available from the Transaction Menu button.

Email to Transaction: 

  1. Click the Transaction Menu arrow [ v ] 
  2. Click Email to Transaction
  3. Enter the email address of the person who will be emailing to your file in the To line
  4. Add a Subject and Message for the recipient (Tip: Instructions to reply to the email with attachments are included in the email body, but you may wish to personalize these with a message to the person you are emailing).
  5. Click Send
  6. The recipient of the email can reply to the email with attachments and those documents will be saved in zipVault® alongside your zipForm® Plus forms (Tip: You can also send yourself this email, and reply to it with attachments, as needed).

Forms Updates

One of the advantages to using zipForm® is having access to the most recent forms released by the brokerage or association, so that users can easily maintain compliance.

Tips for training users when forms update:

  • Teach zipForm® Standard users how to update or check for updates from the Tools tab. Users who are on zipForm® Standard (the desktop version)will be prompted to update when they open zipForm® Standard on their computer and are connected to the internet. Important form updates will begin downloading immediately so that the correct forms are used on transactions moving forward.
  • zipForm® Plus users automatically receive all forms update, no direct action is required for them. It is important to remember that users in zipForm® Plus will automatically have the new forms in all new transactions. To add an updated form to an existing transaction that is already using that form, first remove the form (you may wish to save the previously completed form as a PDF to archive a copy for transaction records – remember, users with zipVault® can archive PDFs directly to the transaction using the Save as PDF button), and then add the form again.
  • Use the All Forms tab to add forms to a template. Tip: the date that a form was most recently updated is usually found at the end of the form's name, so viewing forms in List View can be helpful when looking for forms updates.

    Use the All Forms tab to add forms to a template. Tip: the date that a form was most recently updated is usually found at the end of the form’s name, so viewing forms in List View can be helpful when looking for forms updates.

    When you apply a template to a transaction (or to another template), the most recent form(s) will always be applied to the transaction.

  • Forms in their original state are preserved and visible when you open the template.  Users are able to update templates with the most recent forms at their convenience, while still maintaining compliance by using the latest forms within active transactions.

If you know of a forms update coming to your area, you can schedule zipForm® Plus trainings for users. Topics might include:

  • Saving (archiving) forms as PDFs using the Save as PDF button
  • Updating Templates
  • Starting a new transaction with a template so that your forms are always up to date
  • Adding the most recent forms to the transaction

Do you have an trainings you like to conduct when changes occur to the forms?

Friday F.A.Q. – Copying Clauses

The Clauses button is located on the TRANSACTIONS page and on the TEMPLATES page

Click the Clauses button on the zipForm Plus Transactions page to open the Clause Manager, where you can import or export clauses to be used within form fields.

Q: I am helping another agent in my office, and would like her to have the same clauses I do. What is the best way to move my clauses to her?

A: There are two ways to share clauses: 

  1. Use a Broker or Team edition account in zipForm Plus in order to have the same clauses shared across an office, team, or brokerage (not to mention the added benefits of sharing transactions, approving documents and files online, involving assistants, and sharing templates!).
  2. Export your clauses and then import them to another account (this is the best method for an agent you are training but not necessarily working with as a team). Use the Clause Manager on the TRANSACTIONS page to import or export clauses as needed.

You can choose which clauses you are importing and exporting, as needed, which can also help you to provide the correct clause(s) to the correct user(s), as needed. Of course, when providing clauses to others it is always important to ensure the clauses are appropriate and legally sound, since clause text can vary between regions. Agents using clauses are advised to have their broker and/or real estate lawyer review any clause text before it is used within a contract.

Friday F.A.Q. – Working on forms offline

Q: How can I fill out my forms if I don’t have access to the internet for my laptop?

A: Use zipForm® Standard to complete forms on your computer when you do not have an internet connection. Since zipForm® Standard is a program that you download to your computer, an internet connection is not required for using zipForm® Standard. When you first get started using zipForm® Standard, all of  your forms are downloaded (and your existing zipForm® Plus Transactions if you enter your zipForm® Plus username and password). Once the installation is complete, you will be able to work with or without an internet connection.

Your zipForm® Standard files can also be set to synchronize automatically with zipForm® Plus when you do have an internet connection. This creates an automatic backup and ensures you can access your files from any computer (or phone or tablet, if you have the zipForm® Mobile Web Edition).

You can download zipForm® Standard to any laptop or desktop computer. Order or download zipForm® Standard at

Watch our quick training to learn about installing and using zipForm® Standard for the first time.